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  • 2019 NYC Marathon Race Recap
    I have had a few days to digest the race and go over how I feel about it. Overall, I am very happy with the experience and grateful I was able to be a part of it. Many of the runners had to put…
  • Goal Setting and Training Blocks
    Building your own training blocks based on goals.
  • My Best Beginning Run Plan
    Get out and run! This is not going to be a grid of what workouts to hit and when because that is not important to start running. The most important things to focus on as someone new to running are consistency and longevity. Below,…

Training Updates

  • Training Weeks 10/28 and 11/4
    10/28This was NYC Marathon week. Very low volume with about 2-3miles of light running per day. The first half of the week was recovering and evaluating AthHalf. Everything post race felt great and I was very excited to race NYC. During my largest taper…
  • Training Week 10/21/2019
    Taper is finally here! The week was mostly low effort cycling with some run intensity. The week was capped with AthHalf, a local half marathon. Everything is coming together and I am pumped for the NYC Marathon. This week will be low volume and…
  • Training Week of 10/14/2019
    The focus of the week was peaking the volume ahead of the two week taper push to NYC. I wanted to get in several sessions of 3+hours. Next week will be a dose of intensity and drop in volume, then a steady Half Marathon…
  • Training Week of 10/7/2019
    Time to grind again. This was the first week of a four week block before NYC. Three steady build weeks then a 7 day taper to the race. I have done this kind of block a few time in High School and College with…

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