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  • Training Weeks 10/28 and 11/4
    10/28This was NYC Marathon week. Very low volume with about 2-3miles of light running per day. The first half of the week was recovering and … Read more
  • Training Week 10/21/2019
    AthHalf 2019, around mile 7 Taper is finally here! The week was mostly low effort cycling with some run intensity. The week was capped with … Read more
  • Training Week of 10/14/2019
    The focus of the week was peaking the volume ahead of the two week taper push to NYC. I wanted to get in several sessions … Read more
  • Training Week of 10/7/2019
    Time to grind again. This was the first week of a four week block before NYC. Three steady build weeks then a 7 day taper … Read more

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