Training Week of 9/16/2019

– Morning: 75min Vinyasa Flow
– Afternoon:
– Ski Erg: 5 x 6min moderate effort. Working on the shoulder strength and stability ahead of 70.3 Augusta. Kept the HR between 135 and 150. Started at 2:14/500m and brought it down to 2:07/500m in the last rep.
– Ride 40mi: Hard effort and I definitely cracked. Me and one other taking pretty hard pulls on the regular Monday route. Average speed was 22.5 through the 20mi effort. Route included about 10mi of warming up and 10mi of cooling down.
-Morning: Off. 2 weeks out of 70.3 Augusta so the focus has turned towards sleeping in.
– Afternoon: 4 x 500m SkiErg, 1k Run. The SkiErg is a great way to simulate swimming fatigue and moving into another activity. SkiErg was held at 2:08/500m and the run goal was 3:45/1k (6:00/mi).
– Morning: 60min Hot Yoga
– Afternoon: 40mi group ride. I had some solid intervals on the front. Average speed through the work zone was 21mph. Legs felt a bit tired on the bike, probably still recovering from the weekend and Monday ride.
– Morning: Slept in. Same as Tuesday.
– Afternoon:
– Ride: 45mi Augusta simulation ride. Net uphill for the first 20mi then turn around. Route had about 30.5 ft of climbing per mile, similar to Augusta. Glad I got the extra sleep. This ride felt fantastic.
– Run: 5mi building tempo run. Started around 7:15/mi and ended around 6:15/mi. The route was a bit hilly to build some final strength ahead of Augusta. Run was a confidence boost for sure. Augusta is a much much flatter course and I am very excited to run it.
– Morning: 60min Hot Yoga
– Afternoon: 4 x 1k SkiErg. Held 2:05/500m. Felt very comfortable and controlled. The goal was to build a light swim fatigue then get on the bike and roll for about 1 hour to flush the fatigue from the week. 20mi ride was nice and easy around 17mph.
– Morning: 75mi Group Ride. Last hard effort, long ride before Augusta. The group was holding a steady pace above 20mph. The final 15mi were picked up towards 30mph for the attack/sprint zone. Rolled back in to town and picked some food up from the tailgates. Go Dawgs. Spent the rest of the day on the couch doing exactly nothing.
– Did not set an alarm and got some much needed sleep.
– 2mi run with 45sec race pace strides. Legs felt good but definitely tired from Saturday’s ride.
– 6 x 500m SkiErg holding 2:15/500m. Just wanted to get the blood flowing before yoga.
– 60min deep stretch Yin Yoga. Felt really good to sit in challenging poses and release tension from the week. 7 Days from Augusta and looking forward to it.

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