Taper Week of 9/23/2019

– Morning: 75min Vinyasa Flow
– Afternoon:
– Ski Erg: 8 x 250m SkiErg, hold 1:56/500m. I focused on quick, strong pulls and gave myself 3min rest between each rep. The goal was to peak the heart rate then focus on recovery and resting. That’s the main idea of every segment this week. I want to generate quick bursts of race pace speed without building lactic acid.
– Ride: 23mi Very light effort on the TT Bike. I wanted to just spin the legs out and get a feel for my position on the bike. Kept the average speed to just under 20mph. The focus was going from simulated swim “fatigue” to the bike.
– Morning: Off. Sleep is important
– Afternoon:
– Ride: 15mi. Easy spin again with a few 1min segments at race pace. Overall ride was under 20mph with a few 24mph chunks. This was also on the TT Bike with full Tri gear on.
– Run: 6x200m. Hold 5:00/mi (3:07/km). Worked at about a 2:1 work to rest ratio. Wanted to have a good leg feel after the bike. 200m was just long enough to feel like I was pushing it without hitting my body with too much stress.
– Morning: 60min Hot Yoga
– Afternoon:
– Ride: 23mi. On the road bike. Just spin the legs. Pace was around 18mph.
– Morning: Slept in. Same as Tuesday.
– Afternoon:
– SkiErg: 3x1000m, hold 2:09/500m. The goal here was long and strong; keeping the stroke smooth and even throughout. Thursday was when I finally started feeling good about the taper.
– Ride: 35mi Group Ride. I was getting bored tapering so I went on the casual Thursday Athens group ride. The pace is steady and low for most of it with a 10-15min sprint/attack zone at the end. I took a few pulls at race effort then shut everything down and rolled home easy. Felt absolutely incredible on the bike.
– Morning: Off.
– Afternoon:
– Swim: 900ish yards. I warmed up with a 200 free, then 4 50s: 25fr/25bk. Then did 4x25s at race pace, 2x50s, 1×100. Cool Down. Then sat in the hot tub for a few minutes. The goal was to get a good feel in the water without looking at the clock.
– Travel Day: Traveling to a race and going through the process of check-in, athlete briefing, and avoiding buying everything at the expo is very taxing. I did not want to think about getting in a run swim or ride. For races further away I will swap Saturday with Friday, but Augusta was only 1.5 hours in the car.
– Augusta 70.3
– Race Recap Coming Soon

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