Winter Training: 2019-2020

Improve Running

Starting with a 5-week block before the NYC Marathon, winter will be a heavy focus on improving run performance. The next month will be marathon prep with tempo and long runs. From November to April I will increase run volume and build every aspect of running. Augusta 70.3 was a big slap in the face for my running condition. My swim and bike were both top 10 or better in my AG and solid overall. My run dropped me several spots. My heart rate was jacked up the entire time and I struggled to hold a sub 8:00 mile pace.

My running volume will go from a 35mi/wk average to 45mi/wk. The main difference will be the training quality shift from cycling to running. In 2019, March to September was a quality focus on cycling with most running volume at a recovery pace. Winter training will be a flip on that.

Maintain Bike Fitness

I am very happy with how my cycling progressed over 2019 and don’t want to lose that fitness while training my running. Cycling volume per week will sit around 150mi but much less focus on intensity compared to the first half of the year. M-F will have a couple of 30mi ride with a few 10-20min intervals throughout. Saturdays will be a long group ride averaging 75mi at about 20mph. Sundays will be off.

Maintain Swim Fitness

Just like the bike, I want to keep swimming where it is. 90% of my swim volume is on the Concept 2 SkiErg. I have an extensive swim background and do not recommend you do this if you are new to swimming. The SkiErg sessions are all 20-40min staying around HR 130bpm to make sure my upper body strength and shoulder endurance doesn’t turn to hot trash.

Mobility and Stability

I will also add a few different sessions to my week at low heart rate stress that will focus on building mobility and stability. This will include yoga and weight training.

Sample Winter Training Week

Easy RideHot Yoga
Long Run
PMEasy RideSpeedwork
Easy Ride
Ride IntervalsEasyRunOffOffOff
  • Monday and Friday are the two “off” days per week. Just easy volume.
  • Saturday and Sunday are long day focused. Long Run Sunday will be on pretty tired legs.
  • SkiErg sessions are normally added before or after easy sessions.
  • Tuesday speedwork is track sessions with 30-60 min of work (not including rest) between 5k and half marathon pace
  • Tempo run distance will increase over 4 weeks then drop on the 5th week
  • The format is 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off. I have found this to be the most work I can fit in to a week without exploding.
  • Easy sessions are EASY, no need to be a hero on a recovery run
  • Hard sessions are hard without emptying the tank. The two hardest training days are Thursday and Sunday, right before a rest day.

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