Training Week of 9/30/2019

First week post Augusta 70.3. The goal was to keep the heart rate between 100 and 140 for a large majority of the work. Just wanted to get a good feel for where my recovery is and how much work I can put in before the NYC Marathon.

– Morning: Sleep in. much needed after the race.
– Afternoon: Ski 5000 at a very easy effort (2:17/500m) then 1 hour of hot yoga. The Ski was to get the blood flowing before going to yoga. The goal of yoga was to move the body through a bunch of different poses and see how the body was responding. Felt good but definitely sore from the race.
– Morning: Sleep in again.
– Afternoon: 15mi high cadence ride. (90+rpm, but keep HR between 120-130bpm). Average speed was around 19mph. Overall, a pretty easy effort and prep for the rest of the week to pick up volume again.
– Morning: Ski 5×500 :30r (2:12/500m) then hot yoga. The SKi before hot yoga on Monday felt great so I wanted to try it again. This is something I will likely continue. Run 4 miles after yoga. A bit of a long morning but I had 3 good efforts in by 9am. The rest of the day was recovery focused.
– Afternoon: 30mi ride. Average speed around 19mph. Goal was to build up some time on the bike and flush out anything left over from Augusta. THe ride felt pretty good.
– Morning: Track workout. 2×800, 1xMile. I was still a bit mad at Augusta for being so hot but also mad at myself for not training in the heat. SO, before the end of summer in the south, I got in one last heat session.
– Afternoon: Ski 10×1:00 with 25 double unders in between. I got a new HR sensor and wanted to test it out. I will also be incorporating more jump rope into my training to help build ankle/calf strength and endurance. Plus, I love doing sets of double unders with the skierg. Ran 5miles with a group after the Ski. Legs are feeling pretty good.
– Morning: 4×750 Ski easy, hot yoga, run. Next week my schedule is a bit heavy with work, but after that this will be my typical Monday-Wednesday-Friday morning. I like doing Ski reps before heading into hot yoga. It’s like letting a nice steak coming to temp before blasting it on the grill. I get a much better session if I am a warmed up going in. The run after is an easy paced run to build time on the feet.
– Long Ride: 70 miles with the group around 20mph. Felt really strong on the bike today. Wind was out of control BUT IT WAS UNDER 80 DEGREES THE WHOLE WAY. Wow it feels good to be almost in fall.
– Run off the bike: 30min run off the bike around 7:15/mile pace. really happy with this effort 1 week after Augusta.
– Long Run: 18 miles. Feeling a lot more prepared for NYC. Progressed the run pace throughout. Glad the temp was down, definitely helped for a strong finish.
– Easy Ride: 24 miles. Super easy spin just to keep the legs moving and flush everything before bed. Pace was around 16mph and cadence was 80-90 most of the way. Felt pretty rough to start but got easy as the ride went on.

4 weeks to NYC.

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