Training Week of 10/7/2019

Time to grind again. This was the first week of a four week block before NYC. Three steady build weeks then a 7 day taper to the race. I have done this kind of block a few time in High School and College with “Last Chance” meets or Conference and then the main focus, AZ States or NCAA Championships. This week was a bit rough with work so my schedule is all over the place, but focus was still on the run quality. First 50mile week in a while.

– 6am: 5mi bike ride to spin the legs. Had to do something before heading to work.
– 4:30pm: 15mi Ride. Easy roll on the bike around 18mph. Moving the legs. Hit a couple of sprint sections to get the heart rate up a bit.
– 6pm: 5mi Run. Plan was to do a steady run around 8:00/mi pace but the group was moving fast. Ended up going closer to 7:20/mi. Everything felt fine so I didn’t hold back.
– 8pm: Yoga. Moved the normal Monday yoga to the night since I had to get to work.
– 5:30am: 3x800m, 3x600m, 3x400m. (2:51, 2:48, 2:48) (2:03, 2:05, 2:08) (1: 18, 1:16, 1:11). These were one :90r with 2:00 between sets. Went hard knowing this was going to be the only work I could get in on Tuesday. Shooting for consistent 2:40/800m pace in the future.
– 6:30am: Yoga. This has been critial to keeping me fresh and ready to go through training.
– 4:30pm: ZWIFT IS HERE!! My Wahoo came in and I could not have been more excited. I got everything set up, hit a 30min interval session and a 20mi race. Wow. Everyone should be on Zwift. Fact.
– 5:30am: 2x2mi holding 6:00/mi pace. My runs are coming together and the 6min mile pace is starting to feel sustainable. Very excited for NYC.
– 4:30pm: Zwift intervals and then a flat race. Check out my Zwift Power profile or Strava for watt and interval breakdowns.
– 6:30am: Yoga
– 8:00am: 5mi tempo-ish run. Partner run through the hilly neighborhoods of east Athens. Average pace around 7:20/mi with a lot of work on cadence and form.
– 2:30pm: 13mi Zwift. I planned on my but my shifting is wonky. Learning how to adjust the bike from trainer to road is taking some time but I am getting there.
– 8am: 65mi group ride. The hills were alive with the sound of dumb crosswinds all day. The pace line was rolling quick and holding wheels were made harder by strong crosswinds. Still held to 21+mph and a solid group ride effort. I had 2x10min pulls focusing on consistent power output.
– 11am: 40min tempo run off the bike at 7:05/mi. Legs felt pretty good the whole time. Definitely felt the fatigue of the ride but was able to push the run pace.
– rest of day: sit on the couch and watch the pros race very very very very fast.
– 6:00am: 19mi run. Some effort with the group, some effort solo. Happy the group was a bit thin Sunday morning with everyone running Chicago. The pace was a little more reserved. I used the run to focus on stride length and form. My previous long runs have gotten sloppy, so the slow pace gave me enough energy to focus on everything.
– 4pm: Steady state ride to keep the legs moving after a pretty hard run and recovery. I like the zone 2 rides on Sunday to keep the legs from locking up. I had a race on Zwift planned but did not do it. Rest is good too.

3 weeks to NYC.

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