Training Week of 10/14/2019

The focus of the week was peaking the volume ahead of the two week taper push to NYC. I wanted to get in several sessions of 3+hours. Next week will be a dose of intensity and drop in volume, then a steady Half Marathon as some light race prep.

– 6:30am: Vin Yoga. Power yoga is great. It’s the best combo of recovery and body weight strength. Periods of long stretch holds moving into strength series.
– 8:30am: Zwift ride. Just wanted to get the legs moving and feeling good. Then went into a race. I absolutely love Zwift for getting me to push when I really don’t want to push.
– 4:00pm: Zwift ride part 2. This was a steady state effort before a run.
– 6:00pm: 5mi group run. Bike intensity was the focus for the day followed by a couple of easy sessions for volume with the heart rate hovering around 130bpm.

– 5:30am: WOW. What a garbage morning. There was rain, it was cold, the set was 2x2mi at tempo. I changed it to 4x1mi then only did 2×1 way slower than I should have. I am glad I got up and did the work, but I absolutely had the worst attitude about it all. Not a great session.
– 4:00pm: Ride 20mi. I got on the bike later in the day and forced myself to put out a quality session. I was really unhappy with just about everything I did in the morning so I needed a session to get back on track. Well done.

– 6:30am: Hot yoga. great part of the week. A little tight.
– 4:00pm: Run 4mi. Focus on form and having a good mental space. Felt a lot better than Tuesday morning.
– 4:30pm: Zwift session. 20mi interval sessions around 260w then a race to dig deep. Felt fantastic.

– 5:00am: 6×800 holding 2:40-2:45 @:90r. Much better than Tuesday morning. Definitely need some gloves, it’s cold weather running season.
– 4:00pm: Easy Zwift session followed by a race. Good chunk of volume.
– 6:30pm: Thursday night group run. We held a really solid pace around 7:15/mi. The run felt really strong.

– 12noon: 107mi ride. Weather was looking like garbage for Saturday so I went out with a group for a long ride. Threw down about 6hours of ride time, 7.5 hours overall. Awesome day on the bike. A few hard sessions, really crushing the pace, but mostly just time in the saddle. Kept nutrition as low as possible and avoided bonking.

– Mostly off. 30min ride to move the legs and get some blood flow

– Not a great day. Planned to do my last long run, 20mi. Instead it was a light job, testing every toilet in Athens. This was entirely self inflicted since I ate like garbage all weekend. Cleaning up the diet to avoid the second happening of that terrible Sunday morning.

2 weeks to NYC.

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