Training Week 10/21/2019

AthHalf 2019, around mile 7

Taper is finally here! The week was mostly low effort cycling with some run intensity. The week was capped with AthHalf, a local half marathon. Everything is coming together and I am pumped for the NYC Marathon. This week will be low volume and low intensity to go full rest before the marathon. This is the hardest part of training. I really want to put in more work, but the time for intensity is over. It’s time to trust my training and relax.

Monday: 6:30a Vin Yogaa 75min. If you are not doing yoga you need to start.
4:00p 16mi very easy ride. Just spin the legs and keep the heart rate low. Focus on all nose breathing.
6:00p Run. 1mi warm up, 1.5mi at MP, 1mi cool down. Great run, everything felt good at marathon pace.
Tuesday: 4:00p 20ish miles easy ride, same work as Monday. Keep the 1+ hour fitness without adding a large toll to the body.
6:30p 8×400 rest :90. Held 1:15 pretty easily on these. Maybe one of my best track sessions of all time. Everything felt fantastic.
Wednesday: 6:30a Hot Yoga Sesh
5:00p 27mi super easy ride. Keeping everything easy and fluid.
Thursday: 5:30a 2mi Run at marathon pace. It’s important to get sleep, but also make sure you are waking up early once or twice the week before a big race. Feeling good at 6am is very important for running a good race.
6:30p fun group run. The plan was running around 7:30/mi, ended up running at 6:55/mile. I wasn’t looking at my watch, just running and feeling good.
Friday: 6:30a Yoga. Then a full off day. Don’t stand when you can sit. Don’t sit when you can lie down.
Saturday: 9:00a 60mi group ride. I kept this ride very low effort, didn’t take aggressive pulls, and watched my nutrition. Cycling is an awesome way to keep the effort low while still going for longer time periods. 3 hour fitness is critical for a marathon.
Sunday: AthHalf 2019. I decided to run the local half marathon. I know this seems like a crazy thing to do 1 week from a marathon. This decision was based on weekly training volume. I know that I can recover from efforts like this because they are less than 15% of my regular volume. Don’t do this if you only put in 10hrs/week or less. I did not race the event either. The goal was to comfortably run the same speed I will for NYC.

1 week to NYC.

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