Pre-Triathlon/Endurance Training
Former collegiate swimmer, at Stevens Tech, trying my best to get more better at land activities. I quit swimming in 2013 after a decade in the sport. The next couple years were similar to my grade school years. I tried many different club teams, mainly the ones my friends were already playing. I did Ultimate Frisbee for a semester and volleyball for a year. I was focused more on the social side of both sports.
I found Crossfit in 2015 and that’s when my athletic drive came back. I started doing morning practices again and really studying the sport. I continued Crossfit until 2018 when my company moved me down to Georgia.

My First Marathon
In 2018, I saw that there were several spots open on the Cancer Research Institute NYC Marathon team. I lost my father to cancer a year before that and thought this would be a great way to do something in his name. Training for a marathon would also pull me away from the Thursday-Saturday bar scene and maybe get me motivated to compete again.
That marathon was an absolute game changer. I knew I had half-assed the training going into the race and it showed. The first half was not bad, but the last 10 miles took nearly 3 hours. Everything hurt. The second I crossed the finish line I knew I needed to do the race again. Luckily, I got the lottery spot and I will have redemption in 2019.

While training for NYC Marathon redemption, a friend goaded me into signing up for Augusta 70.3. Learning from NYC, I knew I wanted to be as prepared as possible. I increased my training volume all around and really put everything I had into it. As a result, I got leaner, started really focusing on what I was eating, and cut out a lot of bad habits. The race went really well and since then I have been addicted. I signed up for another 70.3 immediately and will sign up for many more in the future.

70.3 World Championships 2021: I Am Coming For You

I will get into full distance Ironman when I get more comofrtable running the marathon distance.

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