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2019 NYC Marathon Race Recap

I have had a few days to digest the race and go over how I feel about it. Overall, I am very happy with the experience and grateful I was able to be a part of it. Many of the runners had to put… Continue Reading “2019 NYC Marathon Race Recap”

Goal Setting and Training Blocks

Building your own training blocks based on goals.

My Best Beginning Run Plan

Get out and run! This is not going to be a grid of what workouts to hit and when because that is not important to start running. The most important things to focus on as someone new to running are consistency and longevity. Below,… Continue Reading “My Best Beginning Run Plan”

Winter Training: 2019-2020


Augusta 70.3: Race Breakdown

My first Half Ironman is done! This is a write up of the race experience and some lessons learned. 8 months ago, I started the journey to train for a Half Ironman. I wrote down 2 goals on a white board. First, I want… Continue Reading “Augusta 70.3: Race Breakdown”

Thank You Augusta

Before I write a race breakdown and review my taper week, I want to thank the people that put on the Augusta Half Ironman. First, Race Director Alyssa did an absolutely incredible job with the race. The courses were fun and lively, there were… Continue Reading “Thank You Augusta”