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Training Weeks 10/28 and 11/4

10/28This was NYC Marathon week. Very low volume with about 2-3miles of light running per day. The first half of the week was recovering and evaluating AthHalf. Everything post race felt great and I was very excited to race NYC. During my largest taper… Continue Reading “Training Weeks 10/28 and 11/4”

My Best Beginning Run Plan

Get out and run! This is not going to be a grid of what workouts to hit and when because that is not important to start running. The most important things to focus on as someone new to running are consistency and longevity. Below,… Continue Reading “My Best Beginning Run Plan”

Training Week of 9/30/2019

First week post Augusta 70.3. The goal was to keep the heart rate between 100 and 140 for a large majority of the work. Just wanted to get a good feel for where my recovery is and how much work I can put in… Continue Reading “Training Week of 9/30/2019”

Winter Training: 2019-2020